"Spanish pirates! Vagabonds and lummoxes! What are they doing in our Caribbean, I'd like to know? Don't they have their own sea to pillage and plunder?"
Jack Sparrow[src]

The Spanish Treasure Fleet[1] was a large armada of galleons controlled by the Pirate Lord Eduardo Villanueva. It operated in the Adriatic Sea.


"Ahoy there, Captain Noisy, some of us are trying to conduct business in here. Civilized business, with no shouting."
"I'm in need of a few strong men for my crew.
Eduardo Villanueva and Jack Sparrow[src]

The Spanish Treasure Fleet smuggled raw gold between Morocco and Turkey, and was frequently attaked by the Barbary Corsairs who operated in the same waters. This led to a rivalry between Villanueva and Ammand the Corsair. Chevalle's pirates were also known to plunder ships of the Treasure Fleet returning from Mexico.

As of the meeting of the fourth Brethren Court, Villanueva was unofficially retired,[2] though still led the fleet.

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  • In real-world history, the Spanish Treasure Fleet was never affiliated with pirates. Instead, it was often targeted by pirates in the Caribbean.


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