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Elizabeth Swann wielding St. Piran's Blade.

"It's called St. Piran's Blade—A legendary weapon used...well, used a really long time ago. It's been lost for centuries, but now I know where it is."
"That's quite a treasure you've stumbled upon, Jack! They say that St. Piran's Blade has magic properties."
"You're a swordsmith, Will, so I knew you'd be interested.
Jack Sparrow and Will Turner[src]

St. Piran's Blade was a legendary sword with magical properties, particularly to the wielder who had a pure heart.


"So you see, I knew the pirates were the only ones who could get to the treasure. And Elizabeth is the only person I know who is pure enough to use the sword against them. You're a good man, Will. But you've got a little too much pirate in you."
Jack Sparrow to Will Turner[src]

Outwardly, it appeared to be a normal sword, though it blazed with fire in the hands of someone with a pure heart. The sword was stored in a case full of gold and jewels. Through unknown circumstances, the blade would soon be lost from the world.

The sword was centuries old by the time Jack Sparrow ultimately discovered it, and for a long time, no one knew its location. Sparrow managed to locate it, but his crew accidentally sank the vessel carrying it. Through a bit of trickery, Jack was able to retrieve the sword from the bottom of the sea. Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner insisted the sword be given to a museum, but Jack was able to keep the treasure-filled sword case.