"Hey, I know him. He was in Singapore!"
Pintel after discovering Steng's lifeless corpse[src]

Steng was a Chinese spy working for the East India Trading Company at the time of Davy Jones' service to Lord Cutler Beckett during the War Against Piracy.


"Drop your weapons, or I kill the man!"
"Kill him! He's not our man.
"If he isn't with you, and he isn't with us - who is he with?"
Sao Feng, Hector Barbossa and Will Turner[src]

Not much is known about Steng's early life, but it's known that he was born in China. At some unspecified point of his life, he was hired as spy by the East India Trading Company and Lord Cutler Beckett's clerk Ian Mercer assigned him the task of spying on the infamous South China Sea's Pirate Lord Sao Feng. Steng disguised himself as a Chinese pirate, sporting a fake dragon tattoo on his shoulder blade and infiltrated Feng's bath house in Singapore.[2]

Steng was present during the meeting between Feng, Captain Hector Barbossa and Elizabeth Swann. During the confrontation, Steng's tattoo started to run, and Feng realized the deception. However, Feng believed the spy was Barbossa instead of Steng, and a battle ensued. The East India Trading Company summarily staged an assault on the bath house leaded by Mercer, but Barbossa and Swann along their pirates managed to escape as Feng and most of his men. Already safe, Feng decided to execute Steng now that he knew his true affiliation. It's unknown who was the one who killed Steng, but it could be assumed that Feng's men or even Feng himself did it. Steng was impaled with Feng's fid through his mouth and his corpse was thrown into the waters of Black Sand Beach, contaminating the water in the process.[2]

Days after, following his escape from Davy Jones' Locker, Jack Sparrow and Barbossa along the Black Pearl's crew discovered Steng's lifeless body on Black Sand Beach, which also became the resting place of the Kraken after Davy Jones, the Captain of the Flying Dutchman, was forced by the EITC to kill it. Pintel recognized Steng upon seeing his corpse, remembering the events at Singapore.[2]

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