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"Took ya long enough, ye dallying swine! We've been hiding in that swamp since sundown. I'll be pulling leeches off me nether parts for ages."
"Ah, Stubb. Your verbiage always conjures up a lovely visage.
―Stubb and Jack Sparrow[src]

Stubb was a treacherous pirate who helped Captain Jack Sparrow retrieve the Skull of Teoxuacata from Fort Alvo Grande in Panama. After discovering the location of the skull, Stubb and his associates knocked out Jack and his companion, William Turner, and absconded with the skull themselves.

After Jack escaped from the fortress, he returned to Tortuga, finding Stubb and his associates as rotting corpses. Jack attempted to retrieve the skull, but Stubb awoke as the undead and attacked him. It is not known what happened next.


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