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"Sri Sumbhajee welcomes you to Suvarnadurg!"
Askay to Jack Sparrow[src]

Suvarnadurg was an island in the Indian Ocean, located relatively close to the coast of Bombay. It was a stronghold of the Indian Pirate Lord Sumbhajee Angria, who turned it into one of the major centers of piracy in the Indian Ocean.


"How is it that a notorious pirate has been raiding and pillaging almost every ship that's entered the port of Bombay for the last fifteen years, leaching off the profits of the East India Trading Company, filling his chests with our gold and jewels and species...and yet no one—you're telling me no one in all of India—has any idea where his stronghold is?"
Benedict Huntington to his crew[src]

During Jack Sparrow's search for the Shadow Gold, the Black Pearl sailed for Suvarnadurg, where Jack's crew was welcomed by Sumbhajee's pirates. During their stay on the island, Jack gave the precious ruby to Sumbhajee, expecting the vial of Shadow Gold in return, but their trade was interrupted by the attack of the EITC fleet from Bombay, led by Lord Benedict Huntington. During the battle, Jack cleverly unleashed the herd of elephants on the East India Trading Company soldiers, forcing them to return to their ships. After the battle, Jack discovered Sumbhajee's squeaky voice, and blackmailed him into giving him the vial of Shadow Gold.


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