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This article covers some cancelled POTC product, or
a material from some cancelled POTC product!
Cancelled material is usually non-canon!

The Jack Sparrow action figure.

Swashbucklers was the name of a cancelled television series as well as a line of action figures by Zizzle from 2007/2008. The television show was to be an animated series based on the Pirates of the Caribbean film series but Disney decided to cancel the show for unknown reasons. Zizzle decided to release a series of action figures based on the show, despite the cancelation.

Several coloring books, a CD and wall decorations were also released showcasing the characters in the same animated style.

Basic Figures[]

Deluxe Figures[]

  • Deluxe Jack Sparrow
  • Deluxe Sao Feng
  • Deluxe Will Turner


  • Beastly Kraken with Jack Sparrow
  • Coffin Cruiser with Jack Sparrow
  • Menacing Manta Ray with Maccus
  • Saber Cutter with Davy Jones

Weapons and Accesories[]

  • Jack Sparrow’s Pirate Gear

Additional Items[]

  • Room Appliqués
  • Swashbuckling Sea Songs CD
  • Crayola Giant Coloring Book
  • Coloring and Activity Book