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Carina Smyth in the Chart House.

"There's a witch and a pirate in my shop!"
"Well, it's your lucky day!
George Swift and Jack Sparrow on the Chart house[src]

The Swift and Sons Chart House was a chart house in the town of Saint Martin on the island of the same name.


Established in 1698[1] the Swift and Sons Chart House was one of the oldest cartography shops in Saint Martin. Sailors from all over the Caribbean went to the shop in search of reliable maps of the seas and stars.[2]

By 1751,[3] George Swift was the owner of the Swift and Sons Chart House, not allowing dogs or women inside the shop. However, during the robbery of the Royal Bank of Saint Martin, the astronomer Carina Smyth, wanted by the British Royal Navy due to false accusations of her being a witch, walked into the shop after escaping from the navy. Thinking she was a witch, George pulled out a pistol on her and yelled for the authorities. Suddenly, a drunken Captain Jack Sparrow walked into the Chart House. He asked if anyone inside had seen "his bank", which confused Smyth and Swift. But, the Royal Bank of Saint Martin, which was being pulled through Saint Martin by the crew of the Dying Gull, soon came crashing through the chart house, destroying all of Swift's work and forcing him to scramble for cover as the wall of the chart house came crumbling to the ground.[4]

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