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Marty with a swivel gun.

"The crocs won't be any problem. One blast from a swivel gun will send those scaly blighters slithering back into the river."
Jack Sparrow to Robert Greene[src]

The term swivel gun usually refers to a small cannon, mounted on a swiveling stand or fork which allows a very wide arc of movement. Another type of firearm referred to as a swivel gun was an early flintlock combination gun with two barrels that rotated along their axes to allow the shooter to switch between rifled and smoothbore barrels.

Swivel guns had a much shorter range than regular cannons, being only about three hundred yards in comparison with the cannon's thousand. Swivel guns were usually loaded with a packed array of musket shot which spread out upon being fired, being therefore commonly used as an anti-personel weapon.


Hector Barbossa stands near the swivel gun.

During the first half of the 18th century, frigates and brigs of the British Royal Navy usually carried several swivel guns.[1][2] Some merchant ships were also armed with swivels.[3] When the Interceptor engaged the Black Pearl in battle, the Interceptor's crew used swivel guns, since their shotgun effect made up for their small numbers.[2] Through the latter half of the War Against Piracy, the swivels were wielded by Murtogg and Mullroy while they were tasked with guarding the Dead Man's Chest, training the cannons on it to prevent Davy Jones from regaining control of the Flying Dutchman.[4] Following the Quest for the Fountain of Youth the notorious pirate Jack Sparrow took command of the Dying Gull, an old sloop which was armed with a single swivel gun.[5]


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