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"Never doubt my love for you, or for our son. Rule our people well while I am gone, my queen. I will think of you, and Aniba, and Amenirdis and Shabako every day. If my thoughts were birds, my queen, the skies above Zerzura would be dark with them."
"It is a brave thing you do, my husband. You are a good father.
―Taharka and Tiyy[src]

Taharka was a Pharaoh of the mythical island of Kerma.


Like many of his ancestors, Taharka was born and raised on the island of Kerma, in a society which was the exact copy of the one that existed in ancient Egypt. After his son, Prince Aniba, became ill, Taharka lef the island, searching for a cure. He took with him his magical talisman, the golden wristlet, which was one of three that would allow entrance into the Labrynith of Zerzura.

Taharka found the cure in the Caribbean, in the hands of a woman known as Tia Dalma. Although she agreed to give him the cure, she also demanded a payment. Sadly, on his way back to Kerma, his ship was attacked by the rogue pirate ship, the La Vipère, captained by Christophe-Julien de Rapièr. He was fatally wounded during the attack before the pirates boarded the ship. Jack Sparrow was on the rogue pirate ship at that time, and found the Pharaoh dying on the deck. Taharka gave the wristlet to Jack, and told him to protect his people. Immediately after he died, the wristlet was taken from Jack by Christophe.

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