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"Get off me!"
Elizabeth Swann to the pirate.[src]
This man was one of the pirates in Sao Feng's bath house. He was a large man with a tattoo on his back.

Biography Edit

Not much is known about this man's early life. At some unspecified point in his life, he became a pirate in Sao Feng's Empire. He was stationed at Singapore at Sao Feng's bath house, where he served as a guard under his master. A giant, hulking man, he was in perfect shape for a guard.

When Captain Hector Barbossa and Elizabeth Swann were escorted into the bathhouse by Tai Huang, the guard accompanied them to the back of the room where Feng resided. Pintel and Ragetti, who were underneath the floor of the bathhouse looking through the floorboards up Swann's skirt, ended up seeing in between his legs when he stepped forward to restrain Elizabeth. Swann shouted at him to get off of her, and pushed his arm. He stepped back in surprise at this. When Elizabeth insulted Feng, the tattoo pirate and everyone else in the bathhouse were shocked and enraged. At their master's order, everyone in the room drew their weapons, and the tattoo pirate drew a cutlass.[1]

When the East India Trading Company Armada burst into the bathhouse and attacked the pirates, he participated in the ensuing battle. Inside the bathhouse, he managed to kill a company soldier with his cutlass. On Lord Sao Feng's command, the Chinese pirates brought the fight to the streets of Singapore, the Tattoo Pirate running amongst them.[1] His further fate is unknown.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • The Tattoo Pirate was portrayed by Toru Tanaka Jr. in At World's End.
  • In Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game, the Tattoo Pirate is a playable character with a Cutlass and enhanced strength. In the game, he is part of the Empress crew and later served under Elizabeth Swann following Sao Feng's death. However, in the actual film he likely remained in Singapore as he is not seen again. With the enhanced strength ability, he can open locked doors and pull heavy objects, and can also pick up other characters.

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