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Tears of the Goddess is a comic short story published in the Disney Adventures comics, set in the Pirates of the Caribbean during the Age of Piracy. It was published under the Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End title.

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Jack Sparrow has just returned from another incredible adventure. He's sailing his boat across the Indian Ocean after stealing the precious tears of the Indian goddess Kali from the island of Velha Goa. Busy with telling to a seagull how he is the greatest pirate of all time, he doesn't notice the great fog coming from behind. When the fog surrounds his boat, he sees the junk full of angry warriors who force him to surrender.

The warriors take Jack back to Velha Goa where he will stand trial for stealing the tears of Kali. Akshay, the ruler of the island, is furious at Jack, and though Jack tries to make a deal with him, intending to offer him his magical compass in exchange for the tears, Akshay replies that he has no need for it. Akshay's men throw Jack into the dark, nearly bottomless pit.

When Jack wakes up, he sees that Captain Teague is also trapped in the pit. Teague explains that Morgan's Black Book that contains the Pirate Code was stolen by Akshay who wants to sell all pirate secrets to the East India Trading Company. Jack finds the secret passage and they both return to Akshay's palace where they attack and overpower three guards and steal their weapons.

While Jack runs to the harbor to escape from the island, Teague stays in the palace to find the Black Book. Teague is quickly surrounded by Akshay and his warriors but Jack changes his mind and returns to help Teague. While Akshay and his men are still surprised with Jack's return, Teague uses the opportunity and shoots at one candle, knocking it on the floor and starting a fire in the palace. Jack and Teague escape from the palace together.

Some time later, Jack and Teague are on the coast of Madagascar. When Teague boards Jack's boat and prepares to sail away, Jack says that he can't be the greatest pirate when he needed Jack's help to escape. Teague replies that he still is the greatest pirate in the world because he secretly stole the tears of Kali from Jack. As Jack watches Teague sailing away, Jack pulls out his compass and smiles, indicating that he will follow Teague to steal the tears back.




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