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The Black Skull! is a comic short story published in the Disney Adventures comics in 2006. The story is set in the Pirates of the Caribbean world and published under the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest title.

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Jack Sparrow visits Tia Dalma to learn something about a certain thing which he took from the Spanish officer on Providence. She tells him that it is a burned piece of skull - a sign of betrayal, and it's all that's left of Sam Johnson, the first mate of Captain Drake. Jack must compose the entire skull, then he will find the treasure of Captain Drake. In exchange for Tia Dalma's service, Jack must give her a piece of Johnson's skeleton. She also tells Jack that there are two magical stones in Drake's treasure. The purple stone protects people from curses, the white one brings wealth and eternal glory.

After finding all the fragments of the skull, Joshamee Gibbs inserts the last piece and turns to stone. At the same time, the skull comes to life. Jack vows to find a way to break the curse. Sam's skull promises to tell him where the treasure is if he puts the skull back on its body.

The next night, the Black Pearl arrives to Isla Cueva. Sam's skull reminds Jack about their deal. After passing the traps, the crew finds the treasure of Captain Drake. Jack finds the magic stones, but Sam's skull explains that he can take only one stone, otherwise the cave will collapse, and Jack without hesitation takes the purple one to lift the curse from Gibbs. Cotton attaches the skull to the skeleton. Complete once again, Sam attacks Jack and tells him why his bones are black - because he betrayed Captain Drake and now wants to kill Jack and take command of the Black Pearl. Jack kicks Sam and traps him inside one of the treasure chests and tells his crew to take as much treasure as they can carry, but Sam takes the white stone and the cave starts collapsing. Jack and his men manage to escape but without the treasure. Back on the Black Pearl, Jack lifts the curse from Gibbs.





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