The Dragon Tile! Russian cover

The Dragon Tile! is a comic short story published in the June 2007 Disney Adventures Comic Zone, set in the Pirates of the Caribbean world and published under the Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End title.


The story, as told by Jack Sparrow, begins in Singapore at Cheng's Castle. Two servant girls, Shan and Jing, walk down a heavily guarded corridor in the castle. They enter an empty room and unlock a wall to be greeted by Jack. He takes a Dragon Tile to unleash a booby trap. He escapes by jumping off a huge cliff into the water below into the clutches of the Sea Guard, a group of humanoid sea monsters who reside as guardians of the tile.

He escapes by being hauled aboard the Empress, a ship captained by Sao Feng. Jack had made a bargain to trade the Dragon Tile for a map to the golden island of Penglai. Jack is double-crossed and doesn't get the map, however Sao Feng reveals that with the Dragon Tile and the rest of his "collection", he is going to become the absolute ruler of the Seven Seas.

Jack reveals that he and the crew planned a mutiny, and the crew reveals that they have betrayed both Sao Feng and Jack. A battle erupts as Jack snatches the tile from Sao Feng. He holds it over the water's edge which causes the Sea Guard to attack the ship. Sao Feng fires at the bag of gunpowder which starts a fire while Jack falls overboard. Jack drops the Dragon Tile into the depths and the Sea Guard swim after it. As Sao Feng's men try to stop the fire, Sao Feng vows to have his revenge on Jack.

Jack finishes his tale to Pintel and Ragetti, as the Black Pearl and the rest of the Pirate Armada sail to meet the East India Trading Company Armada. When Ragetti asks about the fate of Shan and Jing, Jack shows them they're onboard one of the nearby pirate ships.





  • Dragon Tile (First appearance) (Appears in flashback(s))



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