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The Escape of Pintel and Ragetti! is a comic published by Disney Adventures in conjunction with Zizzle's Secrets of the Deep action figure line. It was released free with "Comic 2-Pack Pintel and Ragetti in Lookalike Jack Sparrow Gear", and was made available online at the Zizzle official site. The comic uses a blend of cartoon backdrops and action figures as the cast. A slightly different version of the comic was later released under the title Jailbreak!


Following the events of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Pintel and Ragetti have been incarcerated at the Port Royal prison. Having failed to escape six times in a single week, the pirates dispair about ever leaving their cell. Outside, two guards feast on a leg of roast mutton, which has attracted the attention of the Prison Dog. The guards shoo him away, and in response to this cruelty, the dog drops the prison keys through the bars of Pintel and Ragetti's cell.

The pirates leave their cell and tiptoe past the eating guards. However, Ragetti accidentally treads on Pintel's foot, and the ensuing commotion alerts the guards. The pirates flee, with Ragetti wondering if the Prison Dog helped them escape simply to give himself a chance to steal the leg of mutton. Pintel reminds Ragetti of his plan: to get across the battlements and commandeer a boat at the docks. However, in their haste, the pirates end up back in the guard room, where the Prison Dog is waiting—the leg of mutton in its mouth.

Pintel decides to steal prisoners' gear for them to use as disguises. Dressed in a similar manner to the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow, Pintel and Ragetti hurry across the battlements, but are confronted by the guards. Ragetti has taken the mutton from the Prison Dog, the sight of which angering the guards further. The pirates attempt to flee, but trip over the dog and topple off the battlements. They, followed by the dog, land in a wooden cart, which rolls out of control down a hill. They race towards the docks, where several marines are assembled. The runaway cart rams into a cannon, sending the pirates flying through the air—and straight into a longboat moored at the dock.

Pintel and Ragetti escape onto the open water with the gear they appropriated, and the Prison Dog onboard. Unfortunately for Ragetti, the dog takes a bite from the leg of mutton, leaving them without food.




Objects and weapons[]

Organizations and titles[]

Vehicles and vessels[]

  • Cart
  • Pintel and Ragetti's longboat (First appearance)