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The Eye of Despair! is a Disney Adventures comic.


A pirate named John Stryke leads the Black Pearl to the Grotto of Despair across the Sea of Despair, so they can get a large gem called the Eye of Despair. However, Stryke is more popular than Jack, making Jack angry, and the crew members refer to Stryke as captain.

While in his quarters, a talking crab speaks to Jack and warns him not to trust Stryke. When he is about to eat the crab, Jack recognizes the crab's voice as Tia Dalma's. Jack tries to warn the crew about Stryke, but they don't believe him, and they have arrived at their destination. Jack stays on the Pearl, and the crew and Stryke go to the Grotto to get the Eye of Despair.

They find it, but suddenly, using dark powers, Stryke conjours rock formations to subdue Jack's crew, and Stryke claims the Eye of Despair. About to choose something to sacrifice for a ritual, Jack arrives and fights Stryke. Jack cuts off Stryke's amulet, which is a very small part of the Eye of Despair. With no amulet, Stryke becomes a hideous monster. He reveals that he gained this form after obtaining his dark powers. He also reveals that his amulet gave him the disguise of his former appearance, and if he completes his ritual, he will regain his true form, permanently. But Jack kicks Stryke into the chest where the Eye of Despair was held, and the gem falls into the abyss. Jack locks Stryke in the chest, and frees his crew. Stryke screams at Jack that he will pay, but Jack knows Stryke can't get out, and he and his crew return to the Pearl, with Stryke's amulet.




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