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The Eyes Have It! Russian cover

The Eyes Have It! is a comic short story published in the Disney Adventures comics in the Winter of 2007, set in the Pirates of the Caribbean during the Age of Piracy.

Synopsis Edit

Jack and his crew are aboard the Black Pearl in a storm, playing the game of Snake Eyes, and Jack explains the myth behind the game. The game is interrupted when a lady is washed onboard the ship. She introduces herself as Mary Bonny the next morning. Trying to steal Jack's compass, she takes on Jack in a duel. Jack tells her that being a pirate is more than being good at cheating or swordfighting, it is about being free. Suddenly a huge serpent that Jack described from the game they were playing the night before, rocks the ship and swallows Mary. She ends up on a deserted island the next day, promising to take revenge on Jack.





Objects and weaponsEdit

Organizations and titlesEdit

Vehicles and vesselsEdit

Behind the scenes Edit

"Mary Bonny" could well be named after Mary Read, and Anne Bonny, two famous female pirates.

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