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The Journey of Will Turner! is a comic published by Disney Adventures in conjunction with Zizzle's Secrets of the Deep action figure line. It was released free with "Comic 2-Pack Will Turner and Davy Jones", and was made available online at the Zizzle official site. The comic uses a blend of cartoon backdrops and action figures as the cast.


The story takes place while William Turner is hidden on board the Flying Dutchman on its way to Isla Cruces. While hanging on to the hull, Will accidentally wakes a sea serpent attached to the hull.

The sea serpent attacks Will, sending him into the water. Will heads to a forest of sea weed to hide. The sea weed blinds the sea serpent, saving Will's life and giving him an idea. Will uses the sea weed as reins and begins to ride the sea serpent.

Will catches up to the Flying Dutchman. Another ship is nearby and the sea serpent attacks it. Will is unable to stop the sea serpent from capturing the sailors, but is able to save the sailors from being pressed into service by Davy Jones. Maccus notices that the sailors are missing, but Davy Jones is too preoccupied with the Dead Man's Chest to care. Meanwhile, Will Turner is back where he started.



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