The Sails of Doom! Russian cover

The Sails of Doom! is a comic short story published in the Disney Adventures comics in 2006. The story is set in the Pirates of the Caribbean world and published under the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest title.

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Jack Sparrow has escaped from the hands of James Norrington. However, the watch in the crow's nest notices something that looks like two ships pursuing the Black Pearl. As Jack wonder if the pursuers belong to the English or the Spanish Navy, both ships disappear from sight and reappear again. Joshamee Gibbs tells a story about the San Pablo and the San Miguel, the Condenados, the two ghost ships doomed to sail the seas for eternity. They pursue other ships, then disappear, then reappear in the pursuit, which always ends with the death of their victims. Jack objects, because they are onboard the fastest ship in the entire Caribbean. The crew sees that ships are getting closer and closer. The Pearl picks up the speed, trying to sail away from the damned ships. One of the crew falls into the sea and realizes that they are being chased not by the ghostly Spaniards, but a giant manta ray. The monster catches the anchor line, but Jack jumps on its back and notices that its tail is infested with "sea urchins - the black skulls", and defeats them. In gratitude for this service, the monster tows the Pearl to the nearby island, where the pirates see the wrecks of all the ships previously attacked by the "two ghost ships". They also see the treasure from all the ships scattered on the beach.





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