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This article is about Fitzwilliam P Dalton's watch. You may be looking for the book Jack Sparrow: The Timekeeper.



At some point before the Third Brethren Court.


Fitzwilliam P. Dalton III


Fitzwilliam P. Dalton III

First appearance

The Coming Storm

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Dance of the Hours

"What is so bloody special about this rusty old thing, anyway?"
Jack Sparrow[src]

The Timekeeper was a magical watch that had the ability to stop and alter time.


"Do not toy with me, Sparrow. Hand over the watch."
"Pardon me, Mister Jones...mind if I call you Davy? Thank you kindly. What in the Seven Seas could you possibly want this piece of pawnshop trash for?
Davy Jones and Jack Sparrow[src]

The Timekeeper was originally made in Holland. The watchmaker was also an alchemist. Instead of making it an ordinary watch, he gave it the ability to stop and alter time.

Around the time of the Third Brethren Court, the Timekeeper was stolen by the pirate Tartaglia. He tried to convince the Pirate Lords that it was one of the Pieces of Eight.

Fitzwilliam P. Dalton III was given the watch as a gift from his sister. It became a treasured memento when she was kidnapped by pirates.

Fitzwilliam kept the watch during his adventures with Jack Sparrow. The watch was stolen from Fitzwilliam by a thief on Isla Fortuna. Somehow, the watch ended up in a pawnshop in New Orleans. Fitzwilliam got it back while in New Orleans fighting Madame Minuit.

Shortly after sailing from New Orleans, Davy Jones came aboard the Barnacle and demanded that the watch be given to him. Fitzwilliam fought for the watch and Jack Sparrow discovered it's ability to stop time. Taking advantage of this ability, he escaped with Fitzwilliam to a nearby island.

After encountering the island's natives, who were actually white sailors dressed like Aztecs, Jack used the watch again to escape being sacrificed to Chantico. They attempted to escape, but were caught in another trap. They were brought before the leader of the Aztecs: Stone-Eyed Sam. At first they didn't believe Sam's claims that he was the long dead pirate king but they realised they were stranded on Isla Esquelética, restored to its past glory thanks to the Timekeeper's magic, with all the island's dead inhabitants brought back to life. They were once again able to use the Timekeeper to escape.

They soon encountered Chantico. She informed them that their use of the Timekeeper has disrupted the flow of time and gave them twelve hours to fix it. They went to Tia Dalma who told them that the Timekeeper must be held in the hand of someone who doesn't belong to their time and released again. Jack managed to get Stone-Eyed Sam to hold and release the Timekeeper, restoring time.

After that was done, the Timekeeper lost its power. Jack and Fitzwilliam were allowed to keep the watch.


The Timekeeper is able to stop time by lifting the watch's crown. It seems that every time it stops time, it also travels back in time.