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"What's yer name, lad?"
"Timothy. Tim. Tim Hawk, sir.
Jack Sparrow and Timothy Hawk[src]

Timothy Hawk, also known as Tim Hawk, was an adventurer who joined Jack Sparrow's crew during the quest to return the Sun-and-stars amulet back to Tumen's village.


"Family is far more important than gold."
―Tim Hawk[src]

Tim Hawk lived a normal life for most of his early life. That all came to an end two years before meeting Jack Sparrow. Silverback came to his house one night asking for a family heirloom, the Silver bullet. Tim managed to escape the house, but his parents died after Silverback set the house on fire. Tim escaped and stowed away on a fishing trip bound for Barbados, hoping to find his uncle and get help.

Upon arrival, Madame Minuit disguised as a man talked to him. While they were talking, a snake snuck up on Tim and bit him. Having been put under Minuit's spell, he was taken to New Orleans and forced to do her bidding. At first, he had no control, but eventually managed to regain control of himself for short periods of time. During that time, he began to plot his escape from Minuit.

While at Tumen's village, stealing the amulet and cursing Mam, he dropped his Voodoo Doll in hopes that he would be followed. He did the same on the ship he turned to bronze. When Jack Sparrow and his crew were in Minuit's trap, he used a stolen voodoo doll to help them escape. After escaping, he joined the crew of the Barnacle.

On the way to Tumen's village, he was taken aboard La Fleur de la Mort along with the rest of the crew of the Barnacle. He helped fight the mutineers and returned to the Barnacle with the rest. They later returned to New Orleans. Tim helped fight Madame Minuit and her henchmen. Upon their defeat, he decided to leave Jack's crew in order to spend time looking for any remaining family members. Tumen gave him the silver bullet for luck.

Behind the scenes[]

  • It is possible that Tim Hawk is a distant relative of Nathaniel Hawk, a pirate captain who lived in 1630s. He also might be related to Mr. Hawk, a pirate and a sea cook.


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