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Triton was a legendary mythological sea god. He was generally the son of Poseidon and Amphitrite, god and goddess of the sea. Like his father, Triton carried a trident. Triton would be associated with legends of Atlantis and the Sword of Triton.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

  • Triton currently doesn't appear physically in the Pirates of the Caribbean universe, and so is only mentioned in the "Grog Blogs" of the Pirates of the Caribbean Online official website.
  • A weapon called "Sword of Triton", which was forged in Atlantis, made appearances in Pirates Online as well as On Stranger Tides and Dead Men Tell No Tales. In On Stranger Tides and Dead Men Tell No Tales, his sword was in possession of the infamous pirates Blackbeard and Hector Barbossa, who frequently used the sword's supernatural powers.
  • Triton's name and image came to be associated with a class of merman-like creatures, the Tritons (Τρίτωνες), which could be male or female, and usually formed the escort of marine divinities.


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