I'm a lover of movies, tv shows, books, and writing. I hope to become an actor, voice artist, comedian, and writer. Maybe even a director.

If anyone asks me if I'm a religious man then yes I am. I'm a Christian, and I will follow Jesus even if it shall be through the rain, snow, heat, and gloom of night.

“For no one can lay a foundation other than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.”

1 Corinthians 3:11

I don't plan on keeping quiet about it either, no matter what. However, I'm not someone who is mean towards others, especially those who aren't Christian. I'm not stupid either. As a matter of fact, I would rather live in harmony with others, treat them as friends, brethren even, with honesty, loyalty, generosity, kindness, laughter, and even magic.

“...Love your neighbor as yourself..."

Leviticus 19:18

In terms of politics, I'm not an expert on it really. Although, I classify myself as a conservative.

I'm also autistic. But, I can read, write, think, learn, and even speak really. The credit goes to my family for helping me achieve those things.

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