Mister Gibbs
"Hey, boy, where be Captain gabriel?"
Captain gabriel is missing and has been gone without any explanation for over a month.

i was on the pearl during the Battle of Calypso's maelstrom

Small War Galleon

I am huge fan of pirates and i am a player on Pirates of the Caribbean Online. My name is captain Gabriel. I know everything about pirates. I will one day be Pirate Lord of lake Erie.I once worked for EITC then the caught me helping pirates and I got fired.I was supposed to be hung but I ecsaped. my ship the shadow hunter is a great and powerful ship i remeber it was my 3rd ship i got but i sold the other 2 I made 700 peices gold off of it but that is the best ship I ever got. I have been chased by EITC and royal navy alot of times I was wanted alive now I am wanted dead or alive. I also worked in the shadow army but I had to quit because the shadow lord was killed by jack sparrow

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