• I live in Drury, Auckland, New Zealand
  • I was born on October 17
  • I am Male
Mister Gibbs
"Hey, boy, where be HephaestusThePrivateer?"
HephaestusThePrivateer is missing and has been gone without any explanation for over a month.

'Ahoy there Pirates and King's Men Alike!' Like most people who are members of this great website, I am a hardcore Pirates of the Caribbean fan. I've watched all the movies, read all the books, played all the videogames, and know everything there is about Pirates of the Caribbean. I won't always be as responisve, as I intend to expand the Weapons pages, and maybe even start some new ones. This is beacause I am a lover of weapons.

I am a MASSIVE and LOYAL fan of the Pirates of the Caribean franchise (I even have my own Pirates of the Caribbean Online Account. Ha! Take that ye bloomin' cockroches! Ha Ha Ha!). My favourite character in the POTC films is Hector Barbossa ; he's the ultimate survivour. And yes in New Zealand that's how we spell survivour.

My favourite weapon from the films is the Sword of Triton, and my favourite item is Jack Sparrow's Compass. And when you're like me and are as wise as Solomon (have to keep Phillip happy don't we mates?) in the ways of Pirates of the Caribbean, you can be asked a question about it and answer it in like 5 seconds. So take what you can and give nothing back! Includin' Death per say.

I will try my best to reply back when I'm sent a message, but I wouldn't swear on it' .

Now most of ye probably now me as CaptainBarbossaThePrivateer, but after joinin' the Clash of the Titans Wiki, I had to change my user name so it sounded more like what it did. So I called it HephaestusThePrivateer, Hephaestus for Clash of the Titans, and ThePrivateer for PotC. So start callin' me HephaestusThePrivateer or ye be walking the plank says I!

And now, one last thing. So tell me: why read this dull message when you could improve your knowlege of POTC? Savy?

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