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Useful SitesEdit



  • Comic Vine - Online comic database. Might have come useful information or images.
  • Davey Jones' Locker - A forum for fans of PotC especially Disney Adventures' comics.
  • I.N.D.U.C.K.S. - A catalog of Disney comics published outside of America.
  • O.U.T.D.U.C.K.S. - An archive of covers for foreign Disney comics.


PotC 4Edit

  • The fourth movie is going to be called Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.
  • This is possibly promotion art for Pirates 4. Another picture.
  • Johnny Depp is returning for Pirates 4.
  • Depp is back, but Bloom and Knightley are not.
  • Depp will receive $33 million dollars for his part.
  • Geoffrey Rush will star as Barbossa.
  • Tia Dalma won't return .
  • Rob Marshall will be directing.
  • The film is starts filming in April 2010 and ends filming in late 2010.
  • Pirates 4 will hit theaters on July 8th, 2011 Friday.
  • The movie will feature Jules Verne type flying machines and involve racing to a "lost world".
  • The afore mentioned lost world is Atlantis.
  • the afore mentioned lost world is Doyle's lost world.
  • Pirates 4 will feature Jack and Barbossa teaming up in new orleans louisiana to sail off on the black pearl to find the Fountain of Youth in florida.
  • The fourth movie will focus on Jack Sparrow in order to have a smaller budget and will be like the first movie.
  • Pirates 4 ,5 and 6 are currently being planned and written.
  • Johnny Depp has officially sign on to be in Pirates 4.
  • Jerry Bruckheimer the Producer of the Potc Movie Franchise has officially announced Pirates 4.
  • Pirates 4's soundtrack to be released in July 5th, 2011 tuesday.
  • Pirates 4's movie trailer to be released on the internet in May 2011.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean 4 will be released to dvd and Blu Ray Disc on december 6th, 2011 tuesday.
  • The production company involved for pirates 4 is Jerry Bruckheimer Films.
  • The Distributors involved for pirates 4 is Walt Disney Pictures.
  • The Genre of Pirates 4 will be Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy.
  • Pirates 4's current filming status is that it's In Pre Production now, and will go into filming in april 2010.
  • It's been recently said that, pirates of the caribbean 4 is in talks to possibly being released in 2D and 3D and in IMAX theaters.
  • Johnny Depp who that plays as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates 4, will have a brother.
  • According to the pirates of the caribbean movie fan site called, pirates of the caribbean story-plotline writers ted elliott and terry rossio have officially completed the first draft of the script for the pirates of the caribbean 4 movie.
  • Pirates of the caribbean 4 will be released in 2011.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean 4 May Feature Flying Pirate Ships, New Supernatural Terrors (Zombie Pirates), and New Enemys of the Bretheren Court and Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew of the Black Pearl.
  • Johnny Depp's Upcoming Movie called The Lone Ranger Is Officially going to be "On Hold" or in other words Is Going To Be Canceled For Now Until Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Is Filmed and then Released to Movie Theaters.
  • Walt Disney Pictures wants a Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Released First before The Lone Ranger Movie, so Pirates of the Caribbean 4 may actually be released before The Lone Ranger, and Might even be Released Sooner then 2012.
  • Jerry Bruckheimer will be the Producer of the next Pirates of the Caribbean Film, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.
  • Walt Disney Pictures will be the Distributors of the next Pirates of the Caribbean Film Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.
  • Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew of the BlackPearl will be fighting the SteamPunk Pirate Blackbeard In Pirates 4 while on their Journey to search for the Fountain of Youth.
*Movie Hole

PotC Short FilmEdit

  • Written and directed by Jim Byrkit, who was a creative consultant for the feature films.
  • The film is supposed to be a feature on the At World's End DVD.
  • Perhaps it's for the upcoming box set?


Pirates of the Caribbean TV ShowEdit

Status: Confirmed. According to Zizzle, Disney was in the process of making an animated show based on the movies called Swashbucklers. The show was ultimately canned, but Zizzle says that they are going to do a test run on a series of action figures based on the show next year at 70 different Toys'R'Us stores. However, one of the action figures has already been sold at a Target.

  • The show will feature the adventures of a younger Jack Sparrow.
  • It'll be a cartoon (the article mentions celebrities doing voiceovers)


Pirates Water ParkEdit

  • Disney's River Country is being repurposed. Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the ideas for a new theme.


Magic KingdomEdit

  • More pirate-themed attractions are to be added to Adventureland. Among the suggested changes are a new show for the Enchanted Tiki Room and the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse becoming a pirate ship play area. One report also mentions a roller coaster.
  • The Treehouse may be replaced by Black Pearl people could explore.
  • The rollercoaster may tie into the plot of the fourth movie.
  • Disney has obtained rights to the 'Black Pearl and will use it in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride instead of the Wicked Wench.


  • From different sources, we here that the dormant Adventureland Veranda is to reopen as Tortuga.
  • It's to be a sit down restaurant, equivalent to Fantasyland's Royal Table.
  • The plans call for animatronic figures.


To DoEdit


  • Make a Page to List Our Policies After the Voting Ends on Sunday
  • Set up a second vote on the following issues
    • The time limit for future votes
    • Determine whether everyone should be able to decide if there should be a vote on a new wiki policy
    • Whether to switch the vandalism policy to match the one at One Piece Wiki rather than Wookipedia.


Pirates GamesEdit

Board GamesEdit

  • General Disney games featuring the PotC attraction

Video GamesEdit


Possible References to PotCEdit

  • Baby-Sitter's On Board!
  • Disney Girls: Adventure at Walt Disney World
  • Disneyland Hostage
  • Mary-Kate and Ashley's Walt Disney World Adventure
  • Meet Me in the Magic Kingdom
  • The Mystery at Walt Disney World

Pirates of the Caribbean ComicsEdit

  • PotC:AWE Graphic Novel

Disney AdventuresEdit

  • Beast Ship! (June 2007)
  • Curses! (May 2007)
  • Double Duel! (September 2006)
  • Pearly Gaze! (March 2007)
  • The Black Skull! (Summer 2006)
  • The Compass of Destiny! (October, November, December 2006)
  • The Sails of Doom! (Fall 2006)
  • The Sleeping Island! (Summer 2006)
  • The Treasure of Shipwreck Island! (Spring 2005)

Pirati dei Caraibi MagazineEdit

  • I condenados(October 2006)
  • Il teschio nero[The Black Skull!](September 2006)
  • L'isola dormiente[The Sleeping Island!](September 2006)
  • La bussola del destino[Compass of Destiny](November 2006)
  • Le regole della spada[The Ruler of the Sword](November 2006)
  • Lucciole per lanterne![Light the Lantern!](December 2006)
  • Occhi di serpente[Eyes of the Snake](December 2006)

Disney AttractionsEdit

  • Pirates of the Caribbean "A Moonlit Voyage"

Not Sure if They Really BelongEdit

Timeline (In Progress)Edit

Some of this is speculation.

Before Black PearlEdit

  • The Coming Storm
  • The Siren Song
  • The Pirate Chase
  • The Sword of Cortes
  • The Age of Bronze
  • Silver
  • City of Gold
  • The Timekeeper
  • Dance of the Hours
  • Sins of the Father
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl (game)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean (game)

During Black PearlEdit

  • Curse of the Black Pearl
  • The Accidental Pirate!

Between Black Pearl and Dead Man's ChestEdit

  • A Revolting Development
  • Chain Reaction
  • Enter the Scarecrow
  • Going Overboard
  • In Jack We Trust!
  • Legend of the Aztec Idol!
  • Open Sesame!
  • Revenge of the Pirates!
  • The Buccaneer's Heart!
  • The Capture of Jack Sparrow!
  • The Duel!
  • The Trouble With Pirates!
  • The Legend of Jack Sparrow(All the stories Jack tells are made up)

During Dead Man's ChestEdit

  • Dead Man's Chest

During At World's EndEdit

  • At World's End

Disney PiratesEdit


Movies Based On BooksEdit

Live ActionEdit

  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea(1954)
  • Blackbeard's Ghost(1968)
  • In Search of Cast Aways(1962)
  • Kidnapped(1960)
  • Muppet Treasure Island(1996)
  • Treasure Island(1950)


  • Peter Pan(1953)
  • Treasure Planet(2002)

Original WorksEdit

Live ActionEdit

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean 5 (TBA)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean 6 (TBA)


  • Return to Neverland(2002)

Television ShowsEdit

  • The 100 Lives of Black Jack Savage
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