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    Tonight's a very special night, a night of violence and mayhem between opposing forces. Yes, I am talking about the Super Bowl...trailer for the new Pirates movie! Ha, see what I did there? Joking aside, we have an extended look at what Dead Men Tell No Tales has to offer to all the fans after such a long delay since 2011. Among the new looks, here's what popped out to me...

    1. Jack Sparrow – They say, save the best for last, but in this case Jack must be listed first given his lack of presence in the teaser that went online months ago. We literally only see him for a few second, but gives a "pirate's life" before drinking some...rum(?) And what happened to him, I wonder: did end up cursed or did another sea monster sneeze on him ala the Kraken? T…

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    After 5 long years, we finally can set sail on the hype ship. For Disney has released the first trailer for the one movie we've all been waiting for, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales! In this first teaser, we get our first look at the terrifying Capitán Salazar himself. With his deadly ghost crew, Salazar shows his determination to find Jack Sparrow...there should be a "Captain" in there, somewhere.

    And to put my three shillings on the matter, while I'm sad we don't get our first official look at Captain Jack, the teaser trailer is brilliant! As I wrote some place before, I did wait almost 2 minutes for Jack (the pirate or the monkey) to pop in or have something us Pirates fans wanted answered for over 5 years (i.e. our beloved …

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    My, what a year this is becoming. We haven't gone 20 days into 2016 without pretty big news today. According to the The Walt Disney Company's official website, The Walt Disney Studios announced new release dates for upcoming films from two of its major franchises: Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean. Originally scheduled for May 26, 2017, Star Wars: Episode VIII will now debut on December 15, 2017; this move presumably follows the extraordinary success of the latest film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Why is this affecting the Pirates franchise? Well, Disney also announced yet another change: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales will now take Star Wars' place and set sail on May 26, 2017, from its previously scheduled July 7, 2017. Thi…

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    Happy New Year! 2016

    January 1, 2016 by J Fan

    Happy belated Season Greetings...or whatever. Before I get to the topic in question, I should send my apologies for those following that noticed I haven't been posting and/or editing as often. But for those who didn't follow the news, as posted year or so ago, I suppose it's now appropriate for me to say I am semi-retired...the rest I'll let the linked post serve for me. So there, I've said it in two posts instead of just one.
    With all that out of the way, to the topic in question...

    Once again, the New Year has come again. Unlike the last couple of years, 2015 didn't seem to be too eventful for the Pirates franchise, at least in my most humble opinion. Still, there was some POTC-related activity going on somewhere in the Mouse's House...

    1. The fif…

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    Pirates 5 sails to D23 2015!

    August 16, 2015 by J Fan

    Less than a month after production wrapped, the Pirates franchise sets sail to this year's D23 Expo!

    Among the many news and reports, I did find this one video which covered most of the info I have now. Sean Bailey, the president of production at Walt Disney Pictures, came out and presented new information regarding the fifth installment of the film franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales...

    1. Jack Sparrow, Hector Barbossa, and Captain Salazar are once again confirmed.
    2. Brenton Thwaites' character is confirmed as a young man named "Henry"
    3. Kaya Scodelario's character is confirmed to be a "brilliant young scientist" named Carina Smyth.
    4. Years of speculation, rumors, etc Will Turner is now officially confirmed to appear in the film.


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