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"That's 'Cursed Captain' Jack Sparrow."
- Cursed Jack Sparrow in-game description
Cursed Sails (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite

Cursed Sails Loading Screen

Hello, to our regular users at Pirates of the Caribbean Wiki, and an additional hello to any Fortnite fans who stumbled upon here. Some Pirates fans may be confused as to what the heck is going, but some may not, specifically those who follow gaming news or play Fortnite themselves. At any rate, I figured I'd make a post for any and all interested parties, as well as what I hope to be a policy disclosure.

Please read further for more details and insight.

Before I go on, I should point out that the title Fortnite X Pirates of the Caribbean is unconfirmed for now.

Early rumors and leaks[]

In early 2024, there were rumors hinting that Pirates of the Caribbean would be incorporated into a crossover with Fortnite, having previously featured Disney properties, such as Star Wars and Marvel, though Epic Games had not made any official statement.[1] In a tweet from reliable Fortnite leaker HYPEX, posted on Twitter/X on April 2024, Pirates of the Caribbean would be coming to the game in July.[2] According to another leak courtesy of HYPEX, a roadmap for Fortnite revealed a list which included "Pirates of the Caribbean Collab" as one addition to an update in the "Chapter 5, Season 3" crossover event.[3]

The news[]

On June 22, 2024, the Fortnite v30.20 update patch arrived with the "Cursed Sails Pass" was momentarily available to purchase in the Item Shop for 1,000 V-Bucks and featured skins as part of the collaboration event. However, the Cursed Sails Pass was only live briefly as Epic Games removed it from the Item Shop, but not before some players managed to buy it prior to its removal. It was revealed to be an error made by Epic Games ahead of its then-unconfirmed intended release date.

Fortnite Status on Twitter/X, a profile associated with Fortnite and Epic Games, made this post:[4]

"For players who purchased the Cursed Sails Pass ahead of its intended release on July 19, please note you are currently unable to progress the Pass until the start of the event, but will retain your Jack Sparrow outfit in the meantime."

July 19...HEY HEY, that's my date of birth! Har har. But back to business.

It is now officially confirmed that Pirates of the Caribbean will added to Fortnite on July 19, when all the collaboration content, such as outfits and Cursed Sails Passes, will be available on the announced date. Players who purchased the pass ahead of release can keep using the Jack Sparrow skin, while everyone else will get a chance to buy it upon its actual release date. Reportedly, this date is "too far away" and "really difficult to wait" for fans, and Epic Games has not yet responded to players' complaints about the start date of the event...again, reportedly speaking, and I doubt any comments will be made.

What will be included in Fortnite's Pirates Collaboration?[]

The Fortnite x Pirates of the Caribbean (if that is its name) crossover brings cosmetics related to Disney's movie franchise to the game. Chief among them are skins based on beloved characters: Jack Sparrow, Cursed Jack Sparrow, Captain Barbossa (aw, no Hector? Come on, Fortnite!), Davy Jones, and Elizabeth Swann. Sadly, as pointed out by some online news outlets, no Will Turner by Elizabeth's side to enter into duos with...or as I lament, no Angelica by Jack's side, or rather not by his side.

There are various objects and weapons like, the Jar of Dirt, Jack Sparrow's Sword, and Jack's Compass. Jack's Ship aka the "Black Pearl" not being named (at least for now) is a bit disappointing. What is interesting to me, personally, is Jack's Cutlass and Bane: "One was a gift and the other is destined to get rid of Jack." Jack's Cutlass ("a gift") seems to be the sword offered to Jack as tribute in the flashback scene in the final version of the 2017 film, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, while this item also appears to be a reference to Jack Sparrow's bane aka the sword destined to kill Jack that only appears unofficially in Terry Rossio's unproduced screenplay draft of the film.

Whether that be it, or if there's more to come, we'll have to wait and see.

PotC Wiki coverage?[]

Here's where things may get wishy-washy, loosey-goosey, or whatever...How does POTC Wiki cover this? Well, dear reader and potential editor, we have no idea as this is our first dip into the Fortnite franchise. Granted, we've had the Kingdom Heart series (mainly II and III) and Sea of Thieves (A Pirate's Life expansion) among other games being documented, and even then we are still updating exactly what we're doing. I've made little secret in being inspired by other Wikis in ongoing updates. Taking one notable example, Star Wars Wiki aka Wookieepedia, as they have covered Fortnite with the following:

Whether we actually go this route or not, I cannot say for certain, as it really depends on how far Fortnite is willing to go, from the Caribbean to the ends of the Earth and beyond. Best case scenario, we got more content to cover. Worst case scenario, we got just the one "Fortnite" article to cover the game with. Either way, in the meantime, I strongly recommend caution...to all. What I mean by that is:

  1. If there is any new information, please source it.
  2. If there are any new images, feel free to add, but also source it.

In other words, as we tend to tell all new editors of this fine Wiki, please follow our guidelines. As always, all material in POTC Wiki must be attributable to a reliable, preferably published, source; that is, a reliable source must exist for it. If none does, the material is regarded as original research and should be removed. POTC Wiki intends to be a comprehensive encyclopedia of the Pirates universe, and use of unofficial information and images is discouraged unless it cannot otherwise be avoided. Remember to be critical of your sources. We generally only want pictures from official sources, preferably the original source, not from places such as Google or other Wikis.

If there are any more questions on the subject, please review Wiki rules guidelines. And if you have any further questions, feel free to ask either of our admin team: Uskok, Black Caesar, and myself, J Fan. We will be happy to help or guide you in the right direction. Thank you for understanding! :)

And that be all for the latest news...unless I missed something, or if I've made an error in any of the above news points. If you are not already playing Fortnite, are you going to start playing now? Or are you not interested in Fortnite in the least? Please comment below!


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