This is just a script I'm writing for fun. It's set between Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. This is just the first scene. I thought I'd post it here just to see if anyone thought it was any good.

EXT: TORTUGA, DAY The sun rises over Tortuga as a carriage pulled by two strider white horses moves hastily through a mucky street, past an old tramp eating off of the ground. The carriage continues on its path, passing a wanted poster for Captain Hector Barbossa, the bounty now up from 10,000 guineas to 15,000. Inside the carriage is Barbossa himself, in his unmistakable pirate garb; black jacket, big boots, a wig beneath a massive hat with a feather atop it, and a belt with two flintlock pistols and many bullets attached to it. The carriage pulls up by the docks, where the Queen Anne’s Revenge lies in wait for Barbossa. Barbossa hops out of the carriage, tossing a few shillings to the driver and making his way to the docks, walking stick in hand. Sitting by the ship is a tall, slender man, with a green turban, sunburned face and flowing dark locks; Salaman, the Revenge’s bo’sun.

Barbossa: Bo’sun!

He speaks with a booming voice that immediately demands obedience of his men, to match his strict personality.

Salaman: Aye, sir?

Salaman speaks in a low, friendly-sounding voice, in contrast to his dark nature.

Barbossa: Tell the crew to make sail with haste.

Salaman: Heading?

Barbossa: Open water, as far from land as we can be, as fast as we can.

Salaman: What’s the rush?

Barbossa: You should know better than to question my orders, Master Salaman.

Salaman: Aye, sir.

Salaman climbs quickly up a ladder onto the ship’s main deck. Barbossa looks around him worriedly, before climbing up to the deck. Barbossa makes his way up to the quarterdeck, where the helmsman Ezekiel prepares to steer the ship.

Ezekiel: Which direction, sir?

Barbossa: Don’t care. And it’s ‘Captain Barbossa’, not ‘sir’.

Ezekiel: Aye, 'Captain'. North it is then.

Barbossa: Shut yer trap and make way.

Ezekiel rolls his eyes and turns the wheel. Barbossa looks back at Tortuga, studying the whole place, as if he is looking for something, but doesn’t know what. He happens to glance upon a wanted poster nailed to the side of the ship; a wanted poster for Captain Jack Sparrow.

That's the opening. Please post your thoughts in the comments! If I receive positive comments, I'll post the next scene.