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"In less than half hour Port Oxbay was in French hands. A single ship escaped to carry the news to the English governor on Redmond Island."

Victory, later known as the HMS Victory, was originally a small trading vessel captained by Nathaniel Hawk during the early years of 17th century. It was the only vessel to escape the French assault on Oxbay in 1630. Later the name of a Victory was possibly given to several ships under command of Captain Nathaniel Hawk.

History Edit

"I am Nathaniel Hawk, captain of the Victory."
Nathaniel Hawk to Oweyn McDorey[src]

The Victory escapes from Oxbay.

At one point Victory (or another ship captained by Hawk) was caught during a storm with its crew forced to spend several hours trying to save it. During this storm its captain was thrown overboard and washed up on the shores of Douwesen.

Captain Nathaniel Hawk was lucky enough to rediscover his ship docked in Isla Muelle harbor, where its crew had sailed to make repairs after the storm. It is unknown if this ship was the Victory or some other ship captained by Hawk. The Victory was fairly maneuverable and moderately armed. Under Captain Nathaniel Hawk it was a formidable vessel for anyone to encounter in the Caribbean.



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