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Spanish Treasure Fleet

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At World's End

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At World's End


Humberto Fernández Tristan


This man was a Spanish pirate who served under the Pirate Lord Eduardo Villanueva during the Fourth Brethren Court.


Nothing is known of this man's early life, except that he, at some point, became a pirate under captain Eduardo Villanueva, serving as his aide.

The aide was one of the pirates assembled in the Pirate Hall in Shipwreck City during the Fourth Brethren Court. He sat on Villanueva's right side, between him and another Pirate Lord, Gentleman Jocard, holding a loaded pistol, ready to fire. When Elizabeth Swann brought news about Sao Feng's death, the aide remained sitting, undisturbed by the news, even though his captain, Villanueva, stood up. Like many other pirates, he laughed when Swann proposed that the Pirate Brethren should fight against Lord Cutler Beckett and the East India Trading Company.[1]

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