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Elizabeth Swann being forced to walk the plank aboard the Black Pearl.

"Walk the plank!"
"What did the bird say?!
Cotton's parrot and Jack Sparrow[src]

Walk the plank was a term used, most notably by pirates, to force a person to walk to one's death by stepping off a plank extending from the ship's side over the water.


"Get walking!"
"Walk the plank!"
"Just like a real pirate!
Hector Barbossa and Jack Sparrow[src]

When the British Royal Navy forces led by Admiral Lawrence Norrington captured the infamous pirate Captain Edward Teague, the pirate and his young son Jack Sparrow were sentenced to death by walking the plank. The execution was sabotaged by a British crew member Joshamee Gibbs who tied the pirate's hands only loosely, allowing him to free himself and attack the admiral.[1]

At the beginning of the quest for the Treasure of Cortés, the crew of the Black Pearl raised a mutiny against Jack Sparrow, electing Hector Barbossa as their new captain and forcing Jack to walk the plank, leaving him stranded on Rumrunner's Isle.[2] A decade later, Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann were forced to walk the plank by Barbossa off the coast of the same island.[3] During the War of Jolly Roger the infamous undead captain Jolly Roger was known to make the imprisoned pirates walk the plank.[4]

At the beginning of the search for the Dead Man's Chest, when the crew of the Black Pearl complained to Jack about the lack of honest pirating, Jack asked them if they thought he wasn't serving their best interests as captain. Cotton's Parrot responded by squawking "Walk the plank" to which Jack reacted by pulling out his pistol and threatening to shoot the bird.[5]

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