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The War of Garcia and Pierre was a war between the two lords of the islands, Ile D'Etable De Porc and Isla De La Avaricia, Garcia de la Avaricia and Pierre le Porc. The two "lords" of the islands were mortal enemies. They wanted to conquer the Caribbean. Even though they had the endless supply of privateers, they didn't knew that the massive numbers would eventually cause their downfall. As more and more privateers fell, Jolly Roger raised them from the depths as Undead Spanish and Undead French.

As quoted from Pirates of the Caribbean Online Edit

The Tale of Two IslandsEdit

"Two middling Pirates by the name of Garcia de Avaricia and Pierre le Porc are self-proclaimed 'Lords' of two small islands in the backwaters of the Caribbean. Each recruit passing sailors, mercenaries, and pirates as privateers to guard the waters around their islands and to expand their territories. They issue "letters of marque" (of dubious value) which in turn grant permission for Pirates to fly their flags and sink "enemy" ships with impunity. They promise untold riches, fame and political influence to those who volunteer their services, but these rewards have yet to be granted. The Spanish Pirate Garcia can be found mainly in taverns around the Island of Isla De La Avaricia, carelessly downing drinks and instigating drunken brawls while attempting to coax Pirates into joining his cause. In sharp contrast, the French Pirate Pierre prefers to remain low key and often hides away on his island of Ile D'Etable De Porc. Despite this, he is still somehow successful in enrolling recruits for the French faction. Since their quest for regional control began, these French and Spanish factions under Pierre and Garcia have been at war, incessantly skirmishing on the sea, locked in a stalemate. Little do the recruits know that they are just pawns in a relentless game of chess between the two sides. Pierre and Garcia take little notice of the many lives lost nor the fact that there is a bigger benefactor to their chaos. Jolly Roger, the vengeful leader of the undead legion, watches the war between Pierre and Garcia from afar, attracted to the carnage between the two factions. He takes advantage of this opportunity to replenish his undead ranks by raising fallen pirates and enlisting them for his own sinister purposes. Large masses of undead skeletons clad in tattered French and Spanish clothing ceaselessly rise from sunken ships to solely follow the commands of Jolly Roger, oblivious to their previous allegiances. While the two factions squabble amongst themselves, Jolly Roger's minions slowly advance into their territories."
―Pirates of the Caribbean Online Lore

The war gave rise to the Undead Spanish

The Tale of Two BrothersEdit

"Strange tales surround the world of Pirates and this one's worth a listen... Imagine twin brothers, bitter rivals since birth. The first, Thomas White, the favorite of his mum, showed quick-wit and resourcefulness. The second, James White, favored by his father, was sly and hot-tempered. Upon their father's untimely death, James left home to join the British fleet but not before ransacking his own family for valuables and cash - including his father's burial money. A few years later, Thomas headed for the open seas himself, bound for the Caribbean. There the pair would renew their festering rivalry, but under new names:

Tomás Blanco (Spain) and Jacques le Blanc (France). "

―Pirates of the Caribbean Online Grog Blog (News)
"James' sly nature caught up with him quickly. The riches he stole from his family prior to joining the British Navy vanished before he reached the docks. They were lost to a pair of swindlers who promised the lad a valued post on the HMS Endeavor. Instead James started his military career on a vessel bound for a trip around the world, mastering every bludgeoning, blasting and slashing device known to the seafaring man. Upon reaching the Caribbean, James was an experienced Master-at-Arms on a British Frigate. After sailing the world, James had his belly full of the military life and its half decent pay. James heard that a Spanish Captain was recruiting for an able seaman anxious to scuttle a British ship for profit. Now that was music to James' ears and he was definitely in! On the arranged day, the Navy was tipped off and suddenly James found himself in chains. Worse yet, he learned the whistleblower was none other than his twin brother - Thomas White! Crafty as ever and fueled by revenge, James escaped the gallows along with a couple of French soldiers loyal to Pierre le Porc. The notorious Pierre heard of James' shady dealings and courageous escape and was eager to use a man of his skills. One night, Pierre le Porc had great plans to train James as an assassin and laid out on a table pictures of his upcoming rivals. This is how James White found out that his brother Thomas, now known as Tomás Blanco, was a Privateer for Garcia de Avaricia. At that moment, the infamous Jacques le Blanc was born ... and the Caribbean would never be the same! Strangely, Jacques often feels that someone has the evil eye on him during battles. As the sands of time pass, Jacques is unaware how long the hate for his brother has possessed him. Rumors on the docks suggest a now undead Jacques may be unknowingly sailing for a commander far greater and more sinister than Pierre le Porc...


―Pirates of the Caribbean Online Grog Blog (News)
"In his early days at sea, Thomas White mastered sailing and handled pistols and cutlass with great skill after several skirmishes with Pirates. His keen sense of survival and resourcefulness earned his shipmates' trust, that is until a group of mutineers took over the ship! Several of the mutineers thought they recognized Thomas as a scoundrel in the British fleet named James White. This is how Thomas learned of his twin brother's nasty reputation and his whereabouts in the Caribbean. Through a go-between, Thomas posed as Captain Tomás Blanco looking for a British officer willing to scuttle a ship for profit. Still bitter about his twin brother stealing the family's meager assets, Tomás targeted his greedy twin. On the arranged day, Tomás tipped off the authorities who intercepted the stolen vessel and took James away in chains. However, Tomás never received his bounty for turning his larcenous brother in.Distraught and penniless, Tomás ended up in a tavern frequented by the Spaniard Garcia de Avaricia. It didn't take much coaxing for Tomás to join Garcia's cause and keep his newly changed moniker to Tomás Blanco. Now, Tomás had much to prove ... and even more to plunder! Once he had heard his brother had cheated the gallows and taken up arms with the Frenchman Pierre le Porc - Tomás swore to finish the job that the British failed to do and finally settle scores with his brother! During many of these ruthless battles with his twin, Tomás feels the presence of death, most notably the ghastly company of Jolly Roger. But somehow, Tomás always finds the strength to battle back. Many whisper that though Tomás flies the colors of Garcia de Avaricia, he may have perished long ago in one of the clashes with his brother Jacques and now sails for Jolly Roger - recruiting for his minions... only time will tell ...


―Pirates of the Caribbean Online Grog Blog (News)

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. The events of Pirates of the Caribbean Online are unofficially set between the events of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. The timeline established in On Stranger Tides (which takes place in 1750) and Dead Men Tell No Tales (which takes place in 1751) sets the events of The Curse of the Black Pearl around 1728.
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