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"Give 'em a broadside! Pound 'em lads! Pound 'em!"
"We're gonna sink your stinking ship yo!"
"Take 'em below! Clear the decks, lads.
Pirate Captain and Spanish soldiers[src] (pre-2006 revamp)

The Wicked Wench was a pirate ship which sailed in the Caribbean Sea in the early 18th century. Under the command of the notorious Pirate Captain, she attacked the Spanish port of Puerto Dorado on Isla Tesoro.[1]


A pirate captain aboard the Wicked Wench.

It is unknown how the Pirate Captain acquired the Wench. Some details of her hull and rigging imply that she was a Spanish vessel[3] before she was captured by pirates and converted into a pirate ship.

At some point during the first half of the 18th century, the Wicked Wench sailed for Isla Tesoro, where her pirate crew attacked the Spanish town of Puerto Dorado. Though the Spanish soldiers managed to break the Wench's fore-mast with their cannon fire, the pirates succesfully invaded the town and captured its magistrate, Carlos.[1]

Design and appearance[]

The Wicked Wench was a three-masted galleon. Her hull was painted red and black while her stern was decorated in crimson-red and gold colors. Her armament was composed of 18 cannons. Her firepower was strong enough to damage a stone fortress and allow her pirate crew to invade an unsuspecting town.

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the 2006 revamp of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, the original pirate captain of the Wicked Wench was replaced with Captain Barbossa. In this version, Barbossa was attacking the fort while pursuing Jack Sparrow.
  • The Wicked Wench flies the same pirate flag that was historically used by Richard Worley and Blackbeard.
  • The name Wicked Wench would be used for the name of Jack Sparrow's ship before it became the Black Pearl.
  • A miniature of the Wicked Wench is found at the Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar inside of a bottle. When guests of the bar order a drink called the shipwreck, the bottle comes to life and shows the ship sinking in a storm as cast-members role-play as pirates abandoning ship.
  • The Wicked Wench appears in the non-canon video game Sea of Thieves as a spectral ghost ship captained by Hector Barbossa, attacking Puerto Dorado. Several ghost ships in the Pirates of the Caribbean part of the game (A Pirate's Life) seem to be physically modeled after the Wench.


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Notes and references[]

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