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Will Turner's amulet was a piece of jewelry worn by William Turner after the battle of Isla de Muerta. Twelve years after he killed Davy Jones and became the new captain of the Flying Dutchman Will gave the amulet to his son Henry.


During the battle of Isla de Muerta, in order to defeat the cursed crew of Captain Hector Barbossa William Turner Jr. had to use the medallion sent to him by his father many years earlier to lift the curse of the Treasure of Cortés. Once the pirates were defeated and captured, Will was forced to leave the medallion in the chest of Cortés along with the rest of the Aztec gold.[2] To replace the necklace which he wore through his childhood, Will found an amulet which he kept on a string around his neck.[3]

Will wore this trinket during the search for the Dead Man's Chest[3] and the subsequent War Against Piracy. After he was killed and resurrected aboard the Flying Dutchman Will became the new captain of the infamous ghost ship, cursed to step on land only once every ten years.[4] Approximately twelve years after the battle of Calypso's maelstrom, the Dutchman rose out of the sea with Will's young son Henry onboard, who was trying to save his father from his dark fate. However, Will forbade his son to keep trying to free him from the Dutchman, giving him the amulet as a parting gift.[5]

Henry wore the amulet for the next nine years, until his quest for the Trident of Poseidon ended in destruction of the Trident and the end of all curses of the sea. Free from the Dutchman, Will returned to his family, and Henry gave him back the amulet.[5] The trinket's further fate is unknown.

Behind the scenes[]


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