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1751,[1] killed by the crew of the Silent Mary in the Devil's Triangle

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British Royal Navy
Crew of the Monarch

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Dead Men Tell No Tales

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Dead Men Tell No Tales




James Fraser


"It's a Dutch barque. Probably stolen by the pirate Bonnet."
"Henry, get back here! You don't wanna get kicked off another ship!
Henry Turner and the sailor.[src]

This man was a sailor in the British Royal Navy, stationed aboard the Monarch along with Henry Turner.


Nothing is known of his early life, except that at some point he joined the British Royal Navy and found himself stationed aboard the Monarch under Captain Toms and Petty Officer Maddox. During his time on the ship, he had notably become friendly with another young sailor, Henry Turner.[2]

The sailor would be among the ship's crew when it chased down the Ruddy Rose, a stolen Dutch barque captained by the fearsome pirate Captain Bonnet. As he worked below deck under Maddox, Henry looked out the window and saw the Rose. He told his fellow sailor that it likely belonged to Bonnet, but the young sailor was not listening, instead shouting for Henry to come away from the window. Henry then, however, noticed that they were sailing towards the mysterious Devil's Triangle. Henry pushed past the sailor and Maddox and ran to warn the captain.[2]

Shortly after Turner's abandonment of his post, the ship entered the cursed waters of the Devil's Triangle, where it was attacked by the undead crew of the Silent Mary. The sailor was killed by the undead Spaniards with the rest of the British crew.[2]

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