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Zizzle is a company that specializes in toys and electronics. Founded in 2004, it is based in Bannockburn, Illinois. It has a license for Pirates of the Caribbean action figures and playsets.


Secrets of the DeepEdit

Basic figures

Deluxe figures

Comic book 2-packs


  • Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones swords
  • Jack Sparrow spinning dagger

Dead Man's ChestEdit

Basic Figures

  • Captain Jack Sparrow (with pistol,sword,and trihat)
  • Prison Escape Jack Sparrow (with pistol,bone leg, and coffin)
  • Will Turner (with twin dueling swords)
  • Pintel (with pistol and sword)
  • Pirate Disguised Elizabeth Swann(with two pirate swords)
  • Bootstrap Bill Turner (with sword and pistol)
  • Davy Jones(with walking stick, key and chest)
  • Palifico (with two fused swords)
  • Cannibal King Jack Sparrow(with pistol and crown)
  • Captain Norrington (with sword,pistol,and commodore's hat)
  • Maccus (with axe)
  • Cannibal Cheif (with spear and knife)
  • Final Battle Jack Sparrow (with sword)
  • Final Battle Will Turner (with cutlass)
  • Captain Barbossa (with sword,captain's hat,and pistol)
  • Ragetti (with key and chest)

Deluxe Figures

  • Jack Sparrow with Cannon
  • Jack Sparrow with Exploding longboat
  • Cannibal Escape Will Turner
  • Davy Jones with Liar's dice table


  • Jack Sparrow's electronic cutlass
  • Jack's gear
  • Will Turner's foam sword

7" Figures

  • Jack Sparrow
  • Will Turner
  • Davy Jones
  • Pistol Firing Jack Sparrow
  • Axe throwing Will Turner
  • Maccus


  • Black Pearl playset
  • Isla Cruces playset

At World's EndEdit

Basic figures

  • Jack Sparrow (with musket and coat)
  • Prisoner Will Turner (with sword,map,and prisoner holder)
  • Singapore Disguised Elizabeth Swann (with pistols,hat,and coat)
  • Tai Huang (sword and pistol)
  • Admiral Norrington (with pistol and admiral's hat)
  • Sao Feng (with sword)
  • Marty with Jack the Monkey (with duckfoot pistol)
  • Gibbs (with pistol)
  • Desert weary Jack Sparrow (with sword and crabs)
  • Singapore Pintel(with sword, pistol, and belt)
  • Singapore Ragetti(with sword)
  • Battling Barbossa(with sword, coat, and hat)
  • Human Davy Jones(with broadsword)
  • Hadras(more to come)
  • Jack Sparrow in Davy Jones' Locker (with sword)
  • Singapore Warrior Elizabeth Swann (with sword and pistol)
  • Last Stand Will Turner (with sword and knife)
  • Lord Cutler Beckett (with sword, pistol, and hat)

Deluxe figures

  • Jack Sparrow and giant crab
  • Will Turner
  • Pirate King Elizabeth Swann
  • Sao Feng


  • Jack's cutlass with ring
  • Jack's dagger
  • Jack's gear with sword and pistol
  • Jack's gear with hat
  • Jack's electronic weapon gear

7" figures

  • Dual sword fighting Jack Sparrow
  • Weapon master Will Turner
  • Karate master Sao Feng
  • Captain Teague


  • Black Pearl playset 2
  • Singapore playset
  • Maelstrom battle playset
  • Battling Captains 3-Pack (Golden Jack Sparrow, Hector Barbossa, and Davy Jones) with chest


  • Expert Handheld Game: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

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